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Judge Jane Marie Hurst has been an effective Justice of the Peace with her competency in the law, good judicial demeanor and temperament, communication skills, management and administrative abilities, moral integrity, and civic involvement.

She has adhered to and carried out the duties of Justice of the Peace (“JP”) according to the rules of law to provide the respect, courtesy and justice to all who come before the Court; and, to uphold the moral integrity and ethical standards of the office.

Judge Jane Marie Hurst has a strong commitment to Burnet County and when re-elected will continue to be a full time Justice of the Peace serving all of Precinct 3, including Bertram, Oatmeal, Smithwick and Marble Falls.  In this regard, she will continue to work with fellow Justices of the Peace, law enforcement and staff to continue to make the Justice of the Peace Court as efficient as possible, and she will not and has not allowed other businesses and interests to interfere with her being a full time JP.

As the only qualified and experienced candidate for Burnet County Justice of the Peace Precinct #3, Judge Jane Marie Hurst can continue to make a positive difference in the community and judicial system as a public servant of the People’s Court, Justice of the Peace.

Judge Jane Marie Hurst has 184 hours of Justice Court Training narrowly tailored to the duties and types of cases a JP handles: traffic offenses and Class C misdemeanors, criminal procedure, rules of civil practice in Justice Court, small claims (up to $20,000.00), debt claims (up to $20,000.00), evictions, magistration duties, arrest and search warrants, bond conditions for DWI and family violence cases, tow hearings, occupational licenses, inquests, administrative appeals, OCA collection requirements, judicial ethics, and numerous other specialty areas.

Jane Marie Hurst is originally from Austin, and a graduate of Lanier High School (now known as Navarro High School).  After attending Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University) for business and fashion merchandising she emerged in the workforce.  After working for Representative Don Lee in the Texas 68th Legislative Session, she was smitten with politics.  Jane Marie Hurst later acquired her Escrow Officers license while working with title companies, opened a fee title office in her husband's law firm, and later went on to open her own title company.  She also obtained her real estate brokers license and opened her real estate brokerage firm, namely Brokers Realty International.

Working in her husband's law office has proven to highlight Jane Marie Hurst's knowledge and expertise in working in the legal industry.  In her involvement in assisting in a wide variety of cases in the Hurst Law Firm for over 20 years, she has learned that no two cases are ever the same.  It has made Jane Marie Hurst appreciate further the purpose of the JP court and how everyday citizens are more likely to have dealings in the JP court system than any other court.

Jane Marie Hurst’s experience as a business owner and a licensed real estate broker lends further in addressing landlord and tenant disputes.

The work ethics and experience Jane Marie Hurst has acquired has been and is still applied in the elected positions (four times) and many appointed positions that she has held.

In addition to her legal experience (sometimes being mistaken as an attorney) of over 20 years, Jane Marie Hurst's involvement of serving the community (as appointed or elected & noted below) has uniquely prepared her to serve for the "People's Court" of this wonderful community.

  •     Member, Justices of the Peace and Constables Association
  •     Three (3) times elected to the City of Marble Falls City Council.  Five of those six years as Mayor Pro-tem.  May 2011 - May 2017
  •     Chairman, City of Marble Falls Zoning Advisory Committee, 2017-2018
  •     Board of Directors, City of Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation, June 2011 to present
  •     Capital Area Council of Governments Executive Committee 2014
  •     Commissioner, City of Marble Falls Planning & Zoning Board, April 2006 - April 2011
  •     Member, City of Marble Falls Comprehensive Planning Committee, 2010 & 2016
  •     Member, City of Marble Falls Impact Fee Advisory Committee
  •     Marble Falls ISD Campus Education Improvement Committee, 2009

Jane Marie Hurst’s long resume (provided upon request) further exemplifies the following:

  • Her education;
  • Her leadership skills;
  • A successful business owner: 
  • Her time, dedication and passion for contributing to the betterment of the community in many capacities and on many levels;
  • The community’s support and confidence in her abilities as a fair and equitable leader by successfully electing her in 2019 as Justice of the Peace #3 in Burnet County, TX, and previously in three (3) consecutive elections to the Marble Falls City Council and fellow councilmembers appointing her Mayor Protem in all three terms; and,
  • The positions Jane Marie Hurst has obtained by appointments from other elected officials, including but not limited to, the Texas Capital Area Council of Governments Executive Committee, and the Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation.

The Justice of the Peace must follow all rules of law established without regard to personal beliefs or opinions. In addition to the Justice of the Peace, judicial candidates also, are charged with upholding and acting in accordance to the Canons provided in the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.

As an elected judicial official, Jane Marie Hurst, has and will continue to voluntarily comply with such Canons to:

  • Establish, maintain and enforce high standards of conduct so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary is preserved;
  • Avoid impropriety;
  • Not personally participate in public fund-raising activities;
  • Not solicit funds for any educational, religious, charitable, fraternal or civic organization,
  • Not advertise for or act as a mediator for compensation;
  • Refrain from inappropriate political activity including (i) making a pledge or promise of conduct in office regarding specific propositions of law that would suggest that I am predisposed to a probable decision in cases, or (ii) knowingly or recklessly misrepresent the identity, qualifications, present position, or other fact concerning her or her opponents, including education, business associations or work experiences.

Throughout Jane Marie Hurst’s careers, elected and appointed positions, owning and successfully managing businesses, and working in the legal industry, she has been tasked with making critical decisions which have had a direct positive impact on the community and peoples’ lives.  Further, her education, knowledge and professional experiences contribute to being responsible, effective and competent in making these critical decisions.

Judge Jane Marie Hurst humbly requests your support in re-electing her as Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 in Burnet County, Texas.  She is most qualified and experienced for the Justice of the Peace court.

Jane Marie Hurst has been and is a staunch Republican.  She is a member of the Burnet County Republican Club, Burnet County Republican Womens’ Club, and was appointed as a Burnet County Delegate for the Republican Party of Texas State Conventions in 2012, 2014, and 2018.

Jane Marie Hurst and her husband, Steve Hurst, recently celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary.   They have three children; namely William, Daniel and Tory, and have been in Marble Falls since moving from Austin in 2000.


Re-Elect Jane Marie Hurst for Justice of the Peace Precinct #3 campaign, James Payne, Treasurer
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