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I have known Judge Jane Marie Hurst for many years and have observed her time on the JP 3 bench from afar. Having served a year as a JP myself, I know what the job requires. Judge Hurst is a hard worker and has done a good job – and she is highly qualified to continue her work as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3.

— Gil Jones
Judge, 33rd District Court - Retired

I have had the opportunity to know Judge Hurst and her family for approximately 20 years. During this time I have also had the privilege to have worked with her in several of her endeavors on the City of Marble Falls P&Z Commission, City Council, and now as Burnet County Justice of Peace Pct. 3. She has always displayed Professionalism, genuine concern and fairness to all matters presented to her. Attributes necessary for the position she now holds and is running for re-election.

— Mark Whitacre
Police Chief/ Retired

Jane Marie Hurst is the only candidate in this race that is qualified to serve as Justice of the Peace in Precinct 3. She has proven in the 3 years she has served to be fair, even handed and very knowledgeable. I served in this position for 28 years, and I was so proud to hand the reins over to Jane Marie. I knew that she had what it takes to be a good judge. She does not let outside influences cloud her judgement. Please vote for her and keep an excellent Judge on the Bench. — Peggy Simon

I fully support Judge Hurst in her efforts of reelection to JP3. She serves the citizens of Precinct 3 with integrity, professionalism and a kind heart. Always fair in her delivery of service, she exemplifies everything you want in both a public servant and Judge. She’s a great partner to law enforcement, the community and local businesses. You certainly have the vote of all my family! Scott Davis — Scott Davis

We are happy to support your campaign. — TREPAC, Texas Association of Realtors, Political Action Committee

I am endorsing Jane Marie Hurst for re-election to the office of Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3 of Burnet County.  As a retired DPS Trooper, and with nearly 43 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a more qualified and professional person sitting on the bench. She's fair and extremely patient. What I find extraordinary is her compassion to do the right thing.  Our County and Precinct 3 needs Jane Marie Hurst to continue as our Justice of the Peace.  She has my respect and my vote. Respectfully, John "Chip" Leake, Constable, Pct. 3 — John “Chip” Leake

I have had the great pleasure of serving with Jane Marie on the Marble Falls City Councel and have rerely been as impressed as I was with her. She spent more time researching the issues than most. Jane Marie will do a great and well thought out job as Justice of the Peace. — Richard Westerman

Jane Marie Hurst has been an upstanding citizen and has served for our community for many years. She has 20 yrs of expertise in the legal industry and is known for commitment and loyalty. She will serve well as the Justice of Peace. — JULIE ALBRING

I've worked with Jane Marie in several business and civic organizations and she always demonstrates professionalism and integrity. She is open to listen to the perspectives of others. She is genuinely concerned about the best interest of our community. Jane Marie will be an excellent JP in my opinion. — Carol Barton

Beyond a doubt, Jane Marie Hurst is the most qualified person for the Justice of the Peace, precinct 3. As a business woman and a community leader Jane Marie has exemplified honesty, fairness, and thoughtfullness. Jane Marie will use those qualities to create a great balance between legal knowledge and common sense in the Justice of the Peace court. We need Jane Marie and Jane Marie needs you. Please join with me in voting for her in the March 2018 primary. She is by far the best candidate for this judgeship. She has my complete endorsement. Jessica Simon, Bertram, TX — Jessica Simon

Jane Marie Hurst would serve the position of Justice of the Peace Well! She is an honest and hard working professional and always gets the job done! I have known her well since 2012 and worked with her in the Women’s Council of Realtors. She is always well informed and willing to get involved at all levels. She is not afraid of anything! I support Jane Marie and am proud to know her as a friend. Kim Lookabaugh 10/2017 — Kim Lookabaugh

Jane Marie has demonstrated that she is knowledgeable, highly competent and has outstanding people skills, all essential qualities in a JP. I can't think of a better person for this job.

— Tim Herman, Attorney

Jane Marie was the best councilperson on a very good Marble Falls Council and a true leader for our community. Though I'd rather see her running for Mayor, I fully support her for JP.

— Charles Watkins
Isabel Reid
Daniel Hurst
Wallace Pratt
Mike Lucksinger, Attorney
Mike & Gayle Bell
Brian Elwartowski
Charles Crouchet
David Yturri
Edney Rosabel
Margaret ("Peg") Moore
Katherine Zimmerman
Ronda Hostetter
Scott Crossett
Tory Hurst
Brian Elwartowski
Frederick Zimmerman
Cindy Morphew
K Jeannell Smith

Re-Elect Jane Marie Hurst for Justice of the Peace Precinct #3 campaign, James Payne, Treasurer
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